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Moon Phase

First Quarter

First Quarter

The time of the phase 20:12 May 19, 2021

A stressful period of time when there is a strong desire to accomplish something, to change, and to show oneself. However, before undertaking anything, first stop and think: is it really needed? Obstacles multiply at this time and contradictions sharpen. Plans developed under this influence often turn out to be unrealistic because people tend to overvalue their abilities.

Moon Sign



Until 21:59 May 19, 2021

The desire to be noticeable, appreciated, and to feel you are the centre of other people's attention will be dominant. There is a stronger than usual desire to hear praise, and your emotions will be expressed vividly and openly. This is a good time to perform and appear on stage, to play, create and do everything which inspires you and lets you express your inner self. However, your ability to perceive details and nuances could deteriorate at this time.

Moon Void-of-Course

Void-of-Course Moon Later


At 20:12 May 19, 2021

Last aspect: Square Sun

It is believed that anything undertaken when the Moon is void-of-course will bring no result. However, this period of time has its positive sides too.

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26.42 R


19.47 N
19.40 N
25.14 N OOB
22.39 N
23.55 N OOB
12.03 S
17.22 S
14.58 N
3.52 S
22.15 S
6.43 N
22.04 N


🍀 💰 💋 🏆
🍀 A Super Aspect
❤️  A Romance Aspect
💋  A Sexual or Seduction Aspect
💰  A Golden or Silver aspect
💎 A Cinderella Aspect
A Fountain of Youth Aspect
🏆 A Sports Champions' Aspect

These symbols mark aspects that are deemed especially meaningful in Magi Astrology.

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Moon 12:18 May 26, 2021
Sun 11:41 Jun 10, 2021
Moon 9:02 Nov 19, 2021
Sun 7:33 Dec 4, 2021
Sun 21:41 Apr 30, 2022



15.05 - 29.05 - 22.06 - 7.07


17.11 - 19.12 - 29.01 - 2.03


17.11 - 19.12 - 29.01 - 2.03

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