Lunarium Articles

The Phases of the Moon, Their Essence and Astrological Meaning

Explains how the phases of the Moon are formed, their names, and astrological ideas associated with them. The significance of the lunar phase at birth is emphasized.

The Mansions of the Moon

This ancient lunar zodiac was used by our predecessors for many important purposes. Nowadays, the knowledge of the Lunar Mansions is largely forgotten, at least in the West. The article explains what the Mansions are and provides their descriptions that were compiled from a number of sources, both old and new.

Apogee and Perigee of the Moon in Astrology, Gardening, and Weather Forecasting

A collection of opinions and facts regarding these important but often neglected astronomical and astrological factors.

About the Void-of-Course Moon

Find out what the Void-of-Course Moon periods are, and how to use knowledge about them in your daily life.

About the Lunar Days

This article explains what lunar days are, how they are calculated, and it offers a number of interpretations of the lunar days, coming from different astrological traditions.

Planetary Hours and Days

An article that explains the ancient concept of planetary hours that is used in all the main esoteric disciplines. The days of the week in many languages are closely related to the names of the seven planets that were known to the ancients.

What is the Sun Sign, and Why It is Important

The Sun Sign (aka the Star Sign) is typically used in different approaches to finding out lucky days, but in some cases finding the correct Sun Sign can be not very easy.

About the Retrograde Planets

This article explains the nature of retrograde motion, how it is interpreted in astrology and how the knowledge about retrograde planets can be useful in everyday life.

What Is Declination and Why It Is Important

Aspects of declination were considered as the most important by the 19th century astrologers, but nowadays they are virtually forgotten. This article explains what declination is, and why taking it into account can be crucially important in astrology.

Out-Of-Bounds Planets

When the declination of planets exceeds approximately 28ยบ and 26', they become "out-of-bounds". This makes them quite special both in the way they manifest themselves in natal charts and in the accompanying events of daily lives.

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